The Beautiful, Fickle Hydrangea

Hydrangeas. Yes, I love them too - probably more than you know because I am a horticulturist. These flowers are truly poetic. They are powerful, yet fragile. They are understated and complex all at the same time. Their fullness becomes faint in the blink of an eye so their bloom is as fleeting as a desert sunset. And yet, like all poetic muses, hydrangeas have to be the most fickle flower I've worked with in floral designing.

Unlike other fresh cut flowers, hydrangea blossoms are not flowers that grow from an individual stalk. Hydrangeas are the blooms of the hydrangea shrub. The nutrition that keeps the bloom vibrant is in the actual plant, as opposed to the stalk like a daisy or iris. Once these blooms are cut, they have a very short shelf-life before they start to wilt and turn brown. Keeping them refrigerated and displaying them in a heavily air conditioned room will buy them a little more time, but you are fighting nature. The clock starts ticking for these beautiful blooms once they are cut.


Here are some suggestions for brides who are considering adding hydrangeas to their bouquets and floral arrangements for their upcoming weddings. • Only use hydrangeas in floral arrangements that will be displayed in an indoor setting, and can stay in water for the duration of an event (like centerpieces, table settings, etc.). • Only use hydrangeas for wedding/events when they are naturally in season (spring/very early summer) • Consider substituting another fresh cut flower with a similar look like ranunculus, lisianthus, poppy, peony, or magnolia • Do not incorporate hydrangeas in bouquets, boutonnières, or corsages that will be handled frequently and cannot remain hydrated. • If only hydrangea will do for your bouquet, limit the use of hydrangeas to only one or two pieces. This way, if they wilt the day of the ceremony (which is very likely) there will be enough time to fix the piece.

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