March Plant of the Month: Native Grasses

Ah, we do love green lawns don't we? It seems that those of us who have transplanted from colder climates can shake off all the old winter habits pretty quickly; we adapt to bright sunshine and water conservation; we even begin to develop an affection for cacti. But we cannot seem to leave grassy lawns up north where they belong...or do they? There are many wonderful ornamental grasses that are native, and therefore non-invasive, to our desert region. Among these native grasses are varieties like Blue and Sideoats Grama, Indian Ricegrass, and Plains Bristlegrass, just to name a few. These grasses won't act or look like grasses grown in northern climate. You may be familiar with lush lawns grown from Bluegrass and Fescue; great grasses, but totally inappropriate for our climate. So is there a way to blend our love of a green lawn while still caring for our delicate ecosystem? Yes, I think there is. With a little imagination, native grasses can be incorporated into your garden space to create a green, rich space you can enjoy all year round. Instead of growing a traditional rectangular or square lawn of grass, consider blending ornamental native grasses with patches of succulent ground cover and decorative rock. The effect will bring some comfort of home and enhance the beauty of our desert all at the same time.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora would love to help you learn how to incorporate native grasses and other native plants into your garden space. Contact me today for a free consultation. I look forward to helping you create the plantscape of your dreams.