Garden Wedding Style

View More: de LaFleur recently styled the decor and floral for this intimate garden wedding at Agua Linda Farms.  The beauty of the perennial gardens filled with blooming hollyhocks, climbing roses, bougainvillea, anemones, salvia and desert herbs allows your senses to escape the rugged landscape of the Tucson desert and immerse yourself in floral bliss.  Mike and Brit from Brushfire Photography get all the credit for capturing images that we've been dreaming about ever since. View More: More: More: View More:

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An Eco-Friendly, Louisiana style wedding

For this New Orleans style wedding, the couple wanted to stay as eco- friendly as possible.  The centerpieces were planted with different varieties of succulents and beautiful fresh floral.  Each place setting displayed planted  aloes which doubled as the guests wedding favor. For the brides bouquet we used a mix of orchids, roses, succulents, anemones and wax flower.  The groom is the owner and chef of The Parish (a southern fusion gastropub) so we used fresh herbs along with succulents and tied them together with moss to represent the bayou of Louisiana. Photos by Chris Richards. 0593














Gorgeous Botanical Wedding

LaFleur's wedding designer Brittany Pena created gorgeous florals for a recent wedding at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Brittany accessorized the couple with beautiful plants and flowers including- peonies, air plants, succulents and aloes.  Photos by Patrick Grimes  10257403_10203627350621468_1292742561484440366_o 10298508_10203627376742121_715974096769523737_o 10286927_10203627380422213_8420113169596462591_o



Barnes450topaz Barnes435topaz Barnes377topaz

The Backup Plan

Tucson averages 11 inches of rain per year translating to about 48 days of measurable precipitation.  Many clients choose Tucson because they know the odds are in their favor. Gorgeous mountains, beautiful desert flora, warm temperatures and sun!  Well we know better...don't we... How does LaFleur Plantscapes make their New York bride feel like she's in the warm, sunny desert on a rainy day?  We rally the team and execute the back up plan, bringing in over 100 tropical plants and cacti to create a mobile greenhouse inside of a clear tent.

Warm and cozy.

Meghan-Mike-298     Meghan-Mike-281    Meghan-Mike-385   Meghan-Mike-310

Meghan-Mike-454  Meghan-Mike-377  Meghan-Mike-147

Megan-Mike-522  Megan-Mike-583  Megan-Mike-555

Sergio Photographer-


Corporate Plantscaping

LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is not your average florist...did you know that we service some of your favorite spots all over Tucson?  That's right, we have a handful of our designs in restaurants, retail, corporate business, and landscaping firms.  We offer fresh flowers and living plants all rotated either weekly, or monthly.

Some of our past and present customers include;

Barre 3 Side Car Falora Maynard's Market + Kitchen Hotel Congress Saint House Rum Bar 47 Scott Agustin Kitchen Mast Food For Ascension Tap & Bottle Santa Rita Landscaping Rick Joy Architects Latitude Aerospace Engineering Baker + Hesseldenz

photo 2




Plants reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace, our clients have discovered that adding living plants or fresh flora is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy and profitable environment.  Not only have plants shown to enhance worker productivity by 12% and reduce busy office noise, plant-filled rooms contain 50% to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria!

To learn more about our business to business program, or to set up a consultation, email us at

Floral Workshop

Last week we hosted a floral design class at the atelier!  Given as a holiday gift by their husbands, these lucky ladies got to get their hands dirty and make some very advanced floral arrangements.  They learned how to use the tools of the trade,  how to cut and handle floral, as well as taping and wiring of succulents. IMG_9558










Interested in taking a floral workshop?  We have a two-week series of classes coming to Atelier de LaFleur in August. This Foundation workshop includes eight design classes, a field trip to a local plant nursery and event styling/designing your own dinner party for 12 guests.The last class of the series is an introduction to tablescaping—a class in which we create two table settings, one minimalist and the other a country style, to teach how to combine flowers and table décor together

.  For more information on the Foundation Workshop, visit our website and click on 'Atelier'. For questions or to sign up for the workshop email:

New Years Nuptials

This New England couple rang in the new year with "I do!"  Great views at the Ritz Carlton, two adorable french bulldogs, beautiful fresh flora, and fireworks to end the night...what more could you ask for?




BAP-924 BAP-941BAP-98-1 BAP-103







BAP-579 BAP-1397


Floral & Decor- LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora

Brooke Allison Photo

LaFleur Plantscapes Supports Same-Sex Weddings


In light of the current Arizona Senate bill allowing businesses to discriminate against our LGBTQI brothers and sisters, we felt compelled to share one of our recent same-sex weddings.  We are a downtown Tucson business that fully supports and is willing to serve our community regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability. 

This story is so close to home because it starts with one of our own, Amelia, Lead Designer and Manager of Atelier de LaFleur who recently married her best friend and partner in life Callie.  These two beautiful women met in the bay area 9 years ago and this summer they decided to tie the knot.

It was very important to both of them to create a ceremony that portrayed their spiritual beliefs. They specifically wanted to create an experience where everyone would feel included and the importance of the day would  fill their guests hearts with unconditional love.

ImageGuests were seated in a spiral and the wedding rings were blessed by passing them around to family and friends.They burned sage, called in the four directions of the Cherokee medicine wheel, the Seven Jewish Blessings were revised to represent their same-sex marriage and they displayed a ancestor altar.

Every detail of the ceremony and reception was styled by Amelia.  Hand-crafted banners, table numbers and party favors were made by family and friends and decor props were provided by LaFleur.

Amelia designed a bouquet that included hand picked cotton from a field in Alabama, dahlias, poppy pods, delphiniums and lace leaf dusty miller.

ImagePictures of friends and family that could not attend were with them in spirit.  Amelia and Callie strung their photos from the trees through the path connecting ceremony and reception.

Scout (American Bulldog), Luna (Olde English Bulldog), and Shelby (Olde French Bulldog) participated in the ceremony as ring bearers and additional entertainment throughout the evening.

LaFleur feels so honored to feature Amelia and Callie's wedding and we strongly believe their message of love and acceptance is universal.  We will continue to support same sex weddings, serving the entire Tucson community.




Photography- Brian Byrne

Floral & Decor- Amelia with LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora

Happy 2014!

WOW...I had no idea...2013  would exceed my expectations in every way!  I am so thankful for my beautifully talented and extremely dedicated team.  There's a standing joke that I require four things to get an internship or position with our firm ...

  1. Comfortable cowboy boots
  2. A little black dress
  3. Red lipstick
  4. The ability to lift 60 lb. in a dress, boots with red lipstick on and not bitch about it.

I hired all of my designers serendipitously. They are the happy accidents that every employer wishes for.  I feel so blessed to design along side them every week. Thank you- Amelia, Brittany, Megan, Lizzy, Nicole and Claire

Here's a few photos of our 2013 fall events- Image Image Image Image photography-Oz Visuals                              venue- Tubac Golf Resort

Image photography-Josh Snyder                                venue- Stillwell House

Image photography-Chris Richards                    venue- Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

Image photography- Josh Snyder                        venue- Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

Image photography-Chris Richards                                  venue- Hacienda Del Sol

Danielle photography-Jacob Chinn                          venue- Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain


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Celebrate Trees this Arbor Day!

The last Friday of every April is a special day set aside for communities to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees in our community. We know it as Arbor Day. This year, Arbor day falls on April 27th, which just so happens to coincide with many wonderful community projects going on around Tucson to help make it a little greener - and that makes me very happy!

Arizona's state tree is the Palo Verde. This hearty desert dweller loves arid conditions and can thrive and bloom in the driest, hottest parts of the country. The most commonly planted species of Palo Verde around Tucson are Blue Palo Verde and Yellow Palo Verde. Blue can reach heights of up to 30 feet, while it's cousin Yellow stays closer to ground at about 20 feet. Both species are leafless, but sport a bright green color. In lieu of leaves, which require a lot of energy and water to produce, photosynthesis occurs in the Palo Verde trees' bark and limbs which explains why these trees look like an unripe banana. Palo Verde trees can be easily acquired at any local nursery or ordered through the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Once you get your Arbor Day trees planted, take a picture of it and email it to me. I would love to see how you helped make our community a little greener, and show off the great work you've done on this blog. Tucson Clean & Beautiful is just one of the many organizations planning tree planting events around Tucson. if you're looking for ideas.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to making Tucson greener one sustainable arrangement at a time.

The Beautiful, Fickle Hydrangea

Hydrangeas. Yes, I love them too - probably more than you know because I am a horticulturist. These flowers are truly poetic. They are powerful, yet fragile. They are understated and complex all at the same time. Their fullness becomes faint in the blink of an eye so their bloom is as fleeting as a desert sunset. And yet, like all poetic muses, hydrangeas have to be the most fickle flower I've worked with in floral designing.

Unlike other fresh cut flowers, hydrangea blossoms are not flowers that grow from an individual stalk. Hydrangeas are the blooms of the hydrangea shrub. The nutrition that keeps the bloom vibrant is in the actual plant, as opposed to the stalk like a daisy or iris. Once these blooms are cut, they have a very short shelf-life before they start to wilt and turn brown. Keeping them refrigerated and displaying them in a heavily air conditioned room will buy them a little more time, but you are fighting nature. The clock starts ticking for these beautiful blooms once they are cut.


Here are some suggestions for brides who are considering adding hydrangeas to their bouquets and floral arrangements for their upcoming weddings. • Only use hydrangeas in floral arrangements that will be displayed in an indoor setting, and can stay in water for the duration of an event (like centerpieces, table settings, etc.). • Only use hydrangeas for wedding/events when they are naturally in season (spring/very early summer) • Consider substituting another fresh cut flower with a similar look like ranunculus, lisianthus, poppy, peony, or magnolia • Do not incorporate hydrangeas in bouquets, boutonnières, or corsages that will be handled frequently and cannot remain hydrated. • If only hydrangea will do for your bouquet, limit the use of hydrangeas to only one or two pieces. This way, if they wilt the day of the ceremony (which is very likely) there will be enough time to fix the piece.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is able to help you wade through the many choices of styles, colors, and varieties of flowers you have as a bride for your special day. Contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to making your wedding dreams come true.

Caring for Living Arrangements

Since wedding season in the desert is upon us, I have received many emails and messages on Facebook and twitter asking me how to care for a living bouquet or table arrangement from the event.

When planting succulents from your arrangements, remove the tape and wire from around the plant and moisten the existing roots with tepid water. Bury the roots in a desert mix soil; it should be a desert mix because this potting medium has a higher sand content for better drainage and is ph balanced to mimic desert conditions. If you need to, trim off the bottom few leaves to make a bare stalk. If you don't have a stalk or root ball to work with, the leaves can be planted instead. Bury about half of the leaf, cut side down. Most succulent plants and shrubs will form roots on the joints in their stalks.

Water every 2-3 days so the soil is moist (like a squeezed sponge). After one month, scale watering back to once a month. The leaves will probably shrivel a bit as the plant forms roots - so don't worry. This is normal. The plant is living off the stored energy in its leaves. You may lose a few leaves, which is also normal. Do not use this as an excuse to over water!

Save all your broken parts and leaves. When I am repotting, I always save all my leftover bits and pieces. Tuck them into the soil to leave a little green sticking out. Most parts will take root and grow into an extra plant. After a month, you can place the newly potted arrangement outside with part shade. Once the plant is acclimated to the outdoors, you can move in full sun.

Happy gardening! Contact me at La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora for more information on the care of desert dwelling plants.

Ask a Horticulturist: How do I get rid of Fungus Gnats in My Houseplants?

Q: I was recently inspired by some work you did for the office I work in, and decided to create my own succulent arrangement at home. Within a few weeks, my arrangement started attracting these little fruit fly type gnats.  What are they? How do I get rid of them without using a chemical spray? A: I'm so happy you were inspired to get your hands in the dirt! I get asked this all the time: I love houseplants, but how do I prevent the gnats that come with them? The short answer is, you can't. I'm sorry, but for as long as there are house plants there will be fungus gnats that come with them. And that's what they are, by the way. Not fruit flies, but fungus gnats. Fungus gnat larvae lives in planting medium just below the surface. As the larvae matures into a fungus gnat it pushes it's way up through the surface of the soil and begins flying around your home.

As I said, you cannot prevent the larvae from occurring in planting medium. You can however, prevent the fungus gnats from leaving the earth and flying around your home. The easiest, eco-friendliest way to do this is to sprinkle the surface of the soil your houseplants are planted in with diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a soft powder that is made from crumbled rock. What makes diatomaceous earth so effective is the structure of the individual grains. Since they are microscopic crumbled rock, they are very sharp around the edges. As the larvae pushes through the surface of the soil, it shreds the little guys before they have a chance to leave the plant.

If even this method seems to harsh, you can simply choose to ignore it. It won't go away, but the gnats are not harmful to you, pets or plants. They are just obnoxious.

Do you have a plant question or horticulture issue you'd like to chat about? Contact me for free advice about your gardening needs. La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to providingTucsonwith the greenest plant care for home, office, and events.

Desert Wedding Highlights Couples' Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

When couple, Jon LaGuardia and Charlotte Manross, decided to tie the knot, they knew they had to make sure their wedding celebration didn't circumvent their eco-conscious ideals. With some imagination and support from earth-friendly vendors in the Tucson area, Charlotte and Jon were able to combine rustic desert design with sustainable yet romantic touches to create a truly picturesque wedding at Tucson’s Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.

LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora reduced the couples carbon footprint by purchasing all the flowers locally, and included "green plants" in the bouquets, corsages, and table arrangements. Charlotte's bouquet contained a mesquite tree seedling - a keepsake “wedding tree” that the couple plans to plant in their backyard to enjoy as a timeless reminder of their special day.

LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora incorporated a blend of seasonal wildflowers, recycled glass vessels, and reclaimed desert treasures from Jon and Charlotte's many hikes around southern Arizona. Saguaro and prickly pear skeletons, dried agave blossoms, weathered stones, vintage mercury glass and old black and white photos of the couples family were added to the tablescapes as a way to give guests an intimate glimpse into the love Jon and Charlotte share for the desert.

Charlotte's vintage inspired lace gown was provided by Gigi's Bridal; Artisan Salon enhanced her natural beauty with a stunning make-up application; and the desert sunset made for gorgeous shots captured by Merdeka Studios.

Inspired by what you've seen here? Whether romantic and rustic, modern and bold, or anything in between, La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora can create the look that says who you are on your special day. Contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to dreaming with you!

A Jade Plant Brings Life to Indoor Gardens

I am often asked what is my favorite houseplant to use when creating indoor plantscapes and gardens for clients. While there are many plants that I love to work with, and do very well in indoor plantscaping, one of my favorite house plants is the Jade Plant. Sometimes called a "money tree," the Jade Plant is a deep green succulent that loves full sun and low water content in its soil. With proper care, a Jade Plant can reach heights of four feet, developing a woody, almost shrub-like, base. The Jade Plant hails from South Africa; so it is an ideal houseplant for our climate in Tucson. It is one of those plants that brings interest to an arrangement or can carry a look off all by itself. It's low-care, hearty disposition make this plant perfect for offices or for those who travel often. Jade Plants are easily found at local nurseries or any store that has a home and garden section. I encourage you to create some space for a Jade Plant in your home. You will enjoy its beauty and the priceless optimism it brings into any room. La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora specializes in creating environmentally friendly, low-maintenance indoor plantscaping for your home or office. Contact me today for a free consultation. Let me show you what the beauty of plants can do for you!

March Plant of the Month: Native Grasses

Ah, we do love green lawns don't we? It seems that those of us who have transplanted from colder climates can shake off all the old winter habits pretty quickly; we adapt to bright sunshine and water conservation; we even begin to develop an affection for cacti. But we cannot seem to leave grassy lawns up north where they belong...or do they? There are many wonderful ornamental grasses that are native, and therefore non-invasive, to our desert region. Among these native grasses are varieties like Blue and Sideoats Grama, Indian Ricegrass, and Plains Bristlegrass, just to name a few. These grasses won't act or look like grasses grown in northern climate. You may be familiar with lush lawns grown from Bluegrass and Fescue; great grasses, but totally inappropriate for our climate. So is there a way to blend our love of a green lawn while still caring for our delicate ecosystem? Yes, I think there is. With a little imagination, native grasses can be incorporated into your garden space to create a green, rich space you can enjoy all year round. Instead of growing a traditional rectangular or square lawn of grass, consider blending ornamental native grasses with patches of succulent ground cover and decorative rock. The effect will bring some comfort of home and enhance the beauty of our desert all at the same time.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora would love to help you learn how to incorporate native grasses and other native plants into your garden space. Contact me today for a free consultation. I look forward to helping you create the plantscape of your dreams.