February Plant of the Month: Lisianthus

This month's featured plant gives a nod to the month of love with special meaning that celebrates passion and romance. The Lisianthus flower is an herbaceous annual that loves the warm sunny regions of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and northern regions of South America. This flower resembles a peony or rose and ranges in color from deep purple to pale pink to pure white. For hundreds of years, this flower was given as a gift between lovers to show a deep admiration and physical desire. With such an intense message attached, it's no wonder that it is a favorite flower of those with the sign Sagittarius - especially those with intense, outgoing personalities. Lisianthus make a great addition to bouquets for late spring and early summer weddings. Their leaves have a velvety, succulent-like look; and the petals of the flower are delicate and open like a full mouth waiting to be kissed. Because of the wide range of colors and extreme heat tolerance, Lisianthus can easily be incorporated into any design for a unique touch that communicates so much more than meets the eye!

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