Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is on the rise. You can call them what you walls, eco-walls, green walls or even wall art.  Such walls may be indoors or outside, freestanding or attached and come in a great variety of sizes. LaFleur Plantscapes can design and install a wall that's right for you.

Succulent Wall



Air Plant Wall

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Wall Art


Dirtt Interior Plant Walls



Sweet Dreams, Valentine

I recently ran across an article that talked about a popular Valentine's Day tradition from eighteenth centuryEngland. Single young women would put bay leaves under their pillows at night, believing they would dream of their true love. This is just the kind of folklore I love. It also inspired me to think of another great way to express love with plants and flora this Valentine's Day. Combing things like bay leaves (laurel) or rosemary (traditional English symbol of fidelity) with traditional Valentine's Day flowers like roses brings a twist of tradition and fun superstition to the holiday. I personally prefer creating arrangements with flowers, plants, and herbs that are full of meaning. I like to attach a card to the arrangement explaining what each plant is and what it represents. It gives so much meaning to the gift. Tell your sweetheart she is the woman of your dreams with a bouquet of bay leaves and roses. Promise your unswerving devotion with a bunch of fresh rosemary. An arrangement of hyacinth tells him you will love him for as long as time endures. How beautiful that we can express the most beautiful of emotions with some of the most beautiful creations in nature.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora will create a memorable, meaningful Valentine's Day arrangement for your true love. Contact me today to order your custom designed arrangement in time for Valentine's Day.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

We all have that one person in our lives who is impossible to shop for. Either they have everything, they don't want anything, or are so amazing at holiday shopping you're left intimidated to even try. I know, I know. I've been there too. But this year, I'm taking a new approach to providing a truly unique, one-of-a-kind holiday gift I'm sure will impress that person who's difficult to shop for (and everyone else for that matter!). When thinking of holiday gifts, think green! What could be better than surprising your loved ones with a beautiful, eco-chic floral arrangement from La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora? I will personally create a sustainable arrangement from a blend of local and exotic flora for your special someone. Best of all, I can customize your arrangement to include favorite colors, plants, and flowers. I specialize in making truly living arrangements; my arrangements can be planted in the garden or a container to give your loved one a special reminder of how much you mean to them every time they see it. There is no better way to celebrate those most special people during this most special season than with a living arrangement especially created just for them.

Interested in placing an order before the holiday rush? I'd love to hear from you! Contact me today for complimentary consultation. I look forward to helping you design the perfect living holiday arrangements for your family and friends. Check out La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora for more information.