Civano Soil Enrichment Compost Makes Tucson Gardens and Businesses Green

Since the inception of La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora, we have enjoyed an enriching relationship with many like minded vendors in our community - Civano Nursery being among the first vendors we partnered up with. I always like to take a moment to highlight the good work my friends are doing in our community to make Tucson a little greener and more sustainable. Civano Nursery has developed and implemented an exciting program for reducing yard wast from area businesses and turning it into a green product that will benefit, not only the businesses that provide the yard waste, but consumers who are looking to use earth-friendly compost and mulch in their gardens. Civano's Soil Enrichment Compost takes green waste from tree trimmings aerates it, waters it, and tends it to remove excess salts to create a natural mulch that doubles as a slow release fertilizer in your garden. This compost feeds the soil, protects garden space from weeds, and keeps you from having to water as much because moisture is held in the substrate of soil better with the layer of compost on top. This locally produced mulch is also reducing Civano's carbon footprint because mulch and compost doesn't have to be trucked from other nurseries out of state. How is that for eco-friendly! I highly recommend this product, and am excited to use it in my own plantscaping projects. I hope you will consider Civano Nursery for your gardening needs too!

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Winter Reflections for the Garden

I love being a gardener in the winter. Not only are there an array of winter plants to cultivate and tend, but the winter season traditionally brings a slower pace to garden life. December is a particularly great time to begin planning for spring. If you haven't started shopping for seeds, now is the best time to jump on line or visit your local nursery, like Civano Nursery or Harlow Gardens, to see what seeds they've started stocking. I like to take a piece of graph paper, rough sketch the layout of my garden, then insert new life in areas where annuals have ended their life cycle or where some color and shade is welcome. Prepare for the busier planting and harvesting seasons quickly approaching by amending soil with manure, compost, and other organic matter. In fact, while you're at the nursery looking at seeds, I recommend investing in a few bags of organic matter to add to your soil now. You will want your beds to be nutrient rich and ready for spring planting; adding amendment now is a great way to rejuvenate your soil and take a little of the heavy work off your list come spring. Clean and oil your gardening tools. If you have a green house or outdoor growing box, make sure they are cleaned and in good repair. And lastly, don't forget to dream about your beautiful garden space in full bloom. This is the best inspiration for shorter days and chilly nights.

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