Stylish, Chic, and Green

As the trend of environmentalism grows in popularity, more and more couples are choosing to incorporate their green ideals into their wedding celebration. A wedding doesn't have to be "granola" to be friendly to the earth. In fact, there are a few simple things any wedding party can do to make their special day a little more eco-chic. Bag the Rice Traditionally, rice is thrown as the bride and groom make their exit from the wedding and begin their life together. While rice is not harmful for birds or other small animals to eat, there are better options for sending the bride and groom off without leaving any litter behind. Consider having small bells available for guests to ring, hold a banner for them to leave under, or create an arch from greenery that can be replanted at their home.

Earth-Friendly Florals When picking flowers for your bouquet and other arrangements, ask your florist what is in season when you're getting married. Find out what distributor you florist uses and how far your flowers have to travel to get to your wedding. You can save yourself a significant amount of expense and reduce the amount of carbon going into the air by choosing plants and flora that are native and in season during your wedding.

Living Arrangements Preserving bouquets has taken off in popularity in recent years. The idea of preserving your bouquet to show your children and grandchildren is a beautiful thought. Instead of preserving cut flowers with resins and chemicals, consider a living bouquet you can plant and propagate year after year. The color with never fade, you can share starts and seeds with all your loved ones, and preserve a living heirloom of the most magical day of your life.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to creating sustainable arrangements for the eco-chic bride. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation. I look forward to showing you how stylish green can be!