Pausing to Give Thanks

I wanted to take a break in our winter gardening series to give thanks for all the many blessings in my life. I am thankful for children and motherhood, for love and sleepless nights. I am thankful for things that live above the earth, on it, and below it. I am thankful for green spaces, lush gardens, and dry deserts. I am thankful for painted sky sunsets split by craggy mountain outlines; for cities and suburbs alike. I give thanks for bitter and sweet, growth and learning, teacher and student. Thank you for nature, the buzz of hummingbirds, the faint brush of moth's wings, snake's venom, and coyote's cries. I am thankful for creative expression and the support to live creatively. For endings and beginnings, for friends new and old, for laughter and tears, I am thankful. Have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.