Nature's Sacred Function

"The Juniper or Red Cedar is preeminently a rock tree, occupying the baldest domes and pavements in the upper silver fir and alpine zones, at a height from 7000 to 9500 feet....Barring accidents, for all I can see they would live forever; even when overthrown by avalanches, they refuse to lie at rest, lean stubbornly on their big branches as if anxious to rise, and while a single root holds to the rock, put forth fresh leaves with a grim, never-say-die expression." -- John Muir (from Meditations of John Muir: Nature's Temple complied by Chris Highland). Few naturalists have had the deep understanding of and connection with nature like John Muir. He spoke of nature evangelically, with passion and zeal. He believed nature could mend the human mind and spirit simply by engaging it. Among his musings on nature Muir records a great affinity for trees. He sees them almost like people; bringing character and strength to the landscape like a group of dedicated field workers. They refuse to let the land succumb to erosion. It is their sacred purpose to hold the mountains together until their last root fails.

This time of year is inspiring as the climate warms and the sun grows stronger, we too, like John Muir can derive strength from seeing nature work at it's divine purpose. Planting native trees like Desert Willow or Arizona Ash provide much needed habitat, shade, and protection from erosion. I think adding trees to the landscape give a sense of hope - like Muir reminds me. Trees, once established, relentlessly provide life on a landscape. And seeing nature thrive in the bareness of even a desert is inspiring.

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