Celebrate Trees this Arbor Day!

The last Friday of every April is a special day set aside for communities to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees in our community. We know it as Arbor Day. This year, Arbor day falls on April 27th, which just so happens to coincide with many wonderful community projects going on around Tucson to help make it a little greener - and that makes me very happy!

Arizona's state tree is the Palo Verde. This hearty desert dweller loves arid conditions and can thrive and bloom in the driest, hottest parts of the country. The most commonly planted species of Palo Verde around Tucson are Blue Palo Verde and Yellow Palo Verde. Blue can reach heights of up to 30 feet, while it's cousin Yellow stays closer to ground at about 20 feet. Both species are leafless, but sport a bright green color. In lieu of leaves, which require a lot of energy and water to produce, photosynthesis occurs in the Palo Verde trees' bark and limbs which explains why these trees look like an unripe banana. Palo Verde trees can be easily acquired at any local nursery or ordered through the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Once you get your Arbor Day trees planted, take a picture of it and email it to me. I would love to see how you helped make our community a little greener, and show off the great work you've done on this blog. Tucson Clean & Beautiful is just one of the many organizations planning tree planting events around Tucson. if you're looking for ideas.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to making Tucson greener one sustainable arrangement at a time.