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Vertical gardening is on the rise. You can call them what you walls, eco-walls, green walls or even wall art.  Such walls may be indoors or outside, freestanding or attached and come in a great variety of sizes. LaFleur Plantscapes can design and install a wall that's right for you.

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January Plant of the Month: Devil's Claw

If you are an avid hiker like myself, you have certainly come across Devil's Claw at some point or other on your treks around the desert. Devil's Claw (Proboscidea) is a flowering plant of the Martyniaceae family, although you're probably more familiar with it in it's dried form. This robust plant is native of the southwestern United States and is particularly prolific in Arizona. Native tribes of the southwestern United States have been cultivating Devil's Claw for many years. The long, stem-like fruit of the Devil's Claw has been used in basket weaving by these native cultures since cultivation began.

But Devil's Claw is a multi-faceted plant. When most people think of Devil's Claw, they think of the mature, dried fruit of the plant that is woody and incorporated in baskets, wreaths or other sculpture. But this same fruit that makes for such durable structure is a desert delicacy when still in it's green stage. The steamed fruit is reminiscent of okra, packed with protein rich seeds. It's this multi-dimensional quality that has endeared it to desert dwellers for as long as there have been desert dwellers.

Thinking about Devil's Claw in a more modern context, I would like to recommend it's use as a landscaping ornamental. It is an annual, but has developed is particularly adept at re-seeding itself. Not to mention, it is absolutely gorgeous in it's flowering state. The blooms are reminiscent of a trumpet flower in the most delicate shades of tropical pink. This hearty desert plant requires little water or attention. It's adapted to thrive in our ecosystem. Native Seeds/SEARCH offers seven different varieties of Devil's Claw for landscaping or vegetable gardening.

Think this beautiful plant would make a welcome addition to your garden? Contact me for a complimentary consultation to see how we can include more native plants into your outdoor space. La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to providing Tucson with the best in sustainable plantscaping.

Save Water with a Drip Irrigation System

Now that we've moved into the second "wet" season of desert living, it isn't necessary to water plants as much as during warmer, drier months. I always recommend a drip irrigation system to my clients to keep their gardens lush and healthy year round. Drip irrigation means placing tubing around the base of your plants to slowly drip water directly to the root system to maximize the effectiveness of watering without using anymore water than is necessary. Using a drip irrigation system is a fool-proof way to water plants exactly as they need to be each season without wasting the desert's most precious resource. Drip irrigation systems are easy to install and maintain. With a little planning, you can say goodbye to manual watering all together. Here are some additional benefits to using drip irrigation: • Drip irrigation systems can be adapted to the shape of your garden or run in lines to larger container arrangements. • Drip irrigation keeps the cost of watering down by watering more efficiently with less water. • Drip irrigation systems can be set to a timer to water consistently and at the most effective times of day; you can set it and forget it!

Caring for our delicate desert ecosystem is a responsibility we all share as Tucson residents. Installing and using a drip irrigation system is just one of many ways we can all contribute to make a greener community. What other measures have you taken to make your life a little greener? I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a message in the comments section or contact me directly.

LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora specializes in creating sustainable eco-chic gardens both indoors and outdoors - including installing drip irrigation systems. I'd love to give you a complimentary consultation to show you what a little green can do for you.