Google's Zeitgeist Conference 2015

IMG_07641 The design team at Atelier de LaFleur cannot begin to express our appreciation for contributing floral and plant design’s to Google’s Zeitgeist Conference for the third year in a row! This year's event was located at the extravagant and gorgeous Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia, one of the top hotels in the scottsdale area! With the inclusion of thousands of bare-rooted cacti and succulents in glass, a grand air plant wall and hundreds of native Sonoran desert plants throughout the venue, it was an event of design magnitude. Thank you to Sparks for your impeccable aesthetic and support, we are beyond honored!

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February Plant of the Month: Lisianthus

This month's featured plant gives a nod to the month of love with special meaning that celebrates passion and romance. The Lisianthus flower is an herbaceous annual that loves the warm sunny regions of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and northern regions of South America. This flower resembles a peony or rose and ranges in color from deep purple to pale pink to pure white. For hundreds of years, this flower was given as a gift between lovers to show a deep admiration and physical desire. With such an intense message attached, it's no wonder that it is a favorite flower of those with the sign Sagittarius - especially those with intense, outgoing personalities. Lisianthus make a great addition to bouquets for late spring and early summer weddings. Their leaves have a velvety, succulent-like look; and the petals of the flower are delicate and open like a full mouth waiting to be kissed. Because of the wide range of colors and extreme heat tolerance, Lisianthus can easily be incorporated into any design for a unique touch that communicates so much more than meets the eye!

Contact me today to find out more about how La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora can help you design unique, colorful floral arrangements for all your event needs. I look forward to working with you!

Sweet Dreams, Valentine

I recently ran across an article that talked about a popular Valentine's Day tradition from eighteenth centuryEngland. Single young women would put bay leaves under their pillows at night, believing they would dream of their true love. This is just the kind of folklore I love. It also inspired me to think of another great way to express love with plants and flora this Valentine's Day. Combing things like bay leaves (laurel) or rosemary (traditional English symbol of fidelity) with traditional Valentine's Day flowers like roses brings a twist of tradition and fun superstition to the holiday. I personally prefer creating arrangements with flowers, plants, and herbs that are full of meaning. I like to attach a card to the arrangement explaining what each plant is and what it represents. It gives so much meaning to the gift. Tell your sweetheart she is the woman of your dreams with a bouquet of bay leaves and roses. Promise your unswerving devotion with a bunch of fresh rosemary. An arrangement of hyacinth tells him you will love him for as long as time endures. How beautiful that we can express the most beautiful of emotions with some of the most beautiful creations in nature.

La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora will create a memorable, meaningful Valentine's Day arrangement for your true love. Contact me today to order your custom designed arrangement in time for Valentine's Day.

February: The Month of Love

I think it would be fair to say that when February rolls around, pretty much everyone thinks of Valentine's Day. Love, hearts, candy, flowers...these are all the traditional images of how we say, "I love you," to those most special people in our lives. I encourage you to celebrate love in all the forms it takes in your life this year. Don't forget to tell your sweetheart how much he or she means to you. Better yet, show them how much you love them with a living arrangement from La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora. I can custom design arrangements for you to commemorate any special event. Do you remember what flowers were in your wife's wedding bouquet? I can create an arrangement using the same flowers and color palate. Does your mother have a favorite flower or plant? Let me know, and I can build a container garden for her that will last for years. Do you have a crush on someone special? How about surprising him at his office with a sustainable arrangement or succulent to add warmth, life, and a reminder of how much he's valued. La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is committed to creating unique arrangement that will capture the magic of your feelings for that special person in your life. Contact me today to secure your arrangement in time for Valentine's Day.

Ask A Horticulturist: Orchids

A client of mine recently sent me this question. It's a good one, and one I get asked frequently: Q: I have an orchid question, when it stops blooming at the very end and then starts sprouting lower on the side, do I cut where it stopped growing?

A: If the stalk is completely yellow/brown and the blossoms are spent, you can cut it back to about an inch from where the blossom stalk originated from the plant. If there's still some green in the stalk then cut it back to the branching sprout, but leave about 1/4 inch above the node( which is indicated by a small leaf-like bract clinging to the stalk).

Do you have a plant problem that needs diagnosis? Are you curious about finding out what herbs love to grow in the desert? How about setting up a drip irrigation system to keep plantscaping and flora in the garden fresh all year long? I'd love to help! Tweet, post on Facebook, leave me a comment, or contact me with a gardening question (or two) that has been puzzling you. I will post your question, along with my answer, in the coming weeks on my blog.

My gardening brain is ready and waiting to help you with all your plantscaping questions. Want to learn more about La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora? Check out my website or contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Winter Garden (part 3): Flowering Annuals

Now that we've covered what edible annuals will flourish against a hardy backdrop of winter perennials, let's discuss what flowering annuals work well in the Tucson winter garden. There is one flowering annuals I would like to focus on, although there are many other flowering annuals that will do well in our climate for winter growing: Pansies. Pansies are exceptionally colorful, cold hardy, can tolerate varied levels of sun without stress, and require minimal care to thrive. Though all pansies are technically violas, not all violas are pansies. It is common to hear the names "pansy," "viola" and "violet" interchanged in the world of gardening. True pansies are derived from the Viola family, Viola tricolor to be exact. Pansies are planted the world over, but have done particularly well in North America. Said to resemble a thoughtful human face, pansies come in a variety of colors such as gold, red, purple, white, and yellow. Normally, a pansy takes two years to bloom and produce seeds, but because of mass cultivation of this favorite flower, most pansies purchased at your local nursery will bloom the first year planted - some in as little as nine weeks! Pansies will tolerate freezing temperatures, but need well-drained soil and at least partial sun to thrive. Pansies are a perfect border for garden spaces, and fill gaps in container gardens with a pop of color quite nicely. And since there are multiple colors and varieties of pansies to chooses from, you can plant this beautiful flower for years and enjoy a new effect each time you plant it.

Have you had success planting pansies in your garden? What other winter flowers do you cultivate in your yard? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a post in the comments section or contact me. I'd love to give you a complimentary consultation to help you design the winter garden space of your dreams. Check out La Fleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora for more information.