A Grand Affair

Aja and Jason0354 This wedding will forever take our breath away! Our team of talented designers are so proud of the unraveling of such sophistication, and were thrilled to once again be working on the stunning grounds of the Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain. We are so grateful for Justine Millar Photography and Black Sheep Filmworks for capturing the gracefully draped ballroom in all white chiffon fabric, and the equally stunning ceremony floral by Atelier de LaFleur, which included grand glass clarets. Our classically gorgeous bride wore two beautiful dresses from GiGi Bridal Boutique, while her natural beauty was accented by Margarita from I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry. Throughout the night, the music of California’s own DJ Felli Fel and the outrageously talented hip hop violinist Josh Vietti, brought every guest to the white, acrylic dance floor. Outside the grand room, a backdrop of large, market lights accentuated the lounge furniture filled with artisan crafted couches and mirrored tables. The design team at Atelier de LaFleur planned this extravagant celebration in its entirety; and we cannot be more proud of an event that brought smiles to faces, and fireworks (yes, fireworks at the Ritz!) to brighten the eyes, of all those who joined in welcoming the new husband and wife. Please check out our time-lapse video, filmed by our very own, at the end of this blog!

Aja and Jason0002Aja and Jason0021 Aja and Jason0011 Aja and Jason0258Aja and Jason0243Aja and Jason0334Aja and Jason0326Aja and Jason0020 Aja and Jason0333Aja and Jason0375Aja and Jason0275Aja and Jason0393Aja and Jason0040  Aja and Jason0047 Aja and Jason0084 Aja and Jason0364 Aja and Jason0280Aja and Jason0109Aja and Jason0115 Aja and Jason0116 Aja and Jason0117(1) Aja and Jason0118 Aja and Jason0112Aja and Jason0125 Aja and Jason0129 Aja and Jason0130(1) Aja and Jason0131 Aja and Jason0132 Aja and Jason0142 Aja and Jason0157 Aja and Jason0169 Aja and Jason0180 Aja and Jason0184

[video width="854" height="480" mp4="http://lafleurevents.com_staging/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/LaFleurEventProductionWeb2.mp4"][/video]